Perks of being a ‘Climate Smart’ business

June 25, 2016
Cross Sector

Vancouver company Climate Smart has helped more than 800 local businesses track and reduce their greenhouse gas or ‘carbon’ footprint – leading not only to reduced costs but also innovative new business processes and improved talent attraction prospects among many other perks.

The core component of the Climate Smart certification process helps businesses address inefficiencies in their operations, and pinpoint areas where the company can reduce costs associated with energy, transportation and waste. Investing in this service can reap large value for a relatively tiny commitment – both financially and in terms of the staff time required to participate in the training and advising.

Businesses apply the insights gained from this experience in an incredibly diverse range of ways, from long-term planning of capital projects aimed to increase efficiency (i.e. retrofit or replacement of fleet vehicles, electrical and heating equipment), to shorter-term evaluation of company policies and practices around waste management, staff commuting, and business travel.

Costs of emitting carbon in British Columbia have been calculated by Climate Smart to amount to approximately $400 per tonne, with average number of tonnes per employee varying by sector. Based on Climate Smart data, businesses can reduce their carbon emissions by 3.6 percent in the first year following Climate Smart participation (with 30 percent of top performing businesses achieving a reduction of more than 30 percent by year two).

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