Making Sustainable Meetings More Fun

July 25, 2016

Going green can (and should) be easily integrated into meeting planning, from the proposal process right up to the final flight home.

Planning and executing a green  meeting isn’t just about being environmentally responsible. It can have economic benefits for the event organizer, too. One of the most exciting integrations of sustainability at meetings is using mobile solutions that can reduce the need for paper, and also provide connectivity and networking to enhance the participant experience.

The reality is that nearly everyone brings at least one mobile device to any meeting. This means collateral that previously incurred large printing budgets (e.g. programs), can be distributed electronically through a customized mobile application instead. But even more importantly, mobile solutions give the event planner a versatile tool to engage with participants, and to automatically capture rich, real time data that tells the story of the event like never before. The result is a very attractive return on event investment.

QuickMobile provides exactly these kind of win-win solutions. Headquartered in Vancouver, QuickMobile’s location and culture means it makes perfect sense to focus on creating meeting and event mobile solutions, where going green can have a long-lasting impact.

For QuickMobile client, United Nations Global Compact, using a mobile app at events has eliminated the need to print agendas, participant lists and other materials, while providing the flexibility to make last-minute changes and keep everyone updated before and during the event.

To maximize attendee interest in using the app, QuickMobile integrates gamification techniques to maximize enjoyment and value add for event participants..    

Gamifying ParticipationAirport Arrival

Gamification is a term that describes the process of adding ‘gaming’ techniques such as competition, challenge and reward to a digital process. By applying gamification layers and creating intrinsic rewards, QuickMobile provides autonomy, mastery, and a personalized experience for participants that leads to an enjoyable experience and a high level of engagement. Through rewards,‘badges’ and leaderboards (earned by participating in positive meeting behavior) – QuickMobile can literally ‘change the game’ of the event experience so that is maps back to business and event objectives. Rewards may be earned through behaviors like ‘checking in’ at sessions, or logging a visit to a sponsor or exhibitor by uploading a photograph or writing a Tweet. Participants can also be offered to share their opinions through questions, polls or surveys, uploading media, and sharing on social media. And they can chat with each other via the app, creating multiple channels for connecting and plugging into the  network. Just as importantly, each participant is amplifying the event’s message through pictures and social channels, and this is invaluable to generate excitement now and create an archive for the future.

Event Camp Vancouver

For Event Camp Vancouver, the vision was to develop a “solutionary” sustainability experience that would integrate social media, technology and corporate social responsibility. This vision became a mobile game called Get Your Green On!, which was embedded through the design of the event and helped to constantly reinforce the collaborative, innovation-oriented theme of the event.

The game, which was brought to life using QuickMobile’s event app platform, allowed players to accumulate points by completing challenges or uploading ‘Random Acts of Green’ to the mobile event gallery. Each act raised $1 for the B.C. Cancer Foundation. In addition, 19 different check-in codes were hidden around the event site and educated attendees about sponsors’ sustainability efforts. A leaderboard posted via on-site LCD signs and in the mobile event app helped motivate participants, while Random Acts of Green became badges of honour.

“We asked ourselves, ‘What if we could create an event experience that promotes more sustainable behaviour among attendees, helps the audience to learn how to apply new technologies to their jobs, and engages individuals through social media to extend and expand our community?’” stated Shawna McKinley, Director of Sustainability for MeetGreen®, one of the co-producers of Event Camp Vancouver . “The results exceeded our expectations, as attendees embraced the game, completing more than 1,700 sustainability challenges and raising more than $1,500 for charity.”

Guest post by Karra Barron

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