FreshTAP’s revolutionay wine-on-tap model making an impact in Vancouver

July 25, 2016

Mike Macquisten and Steve Thorp are co-founders of FreshTAP and DirectTAP, two groundbreaking logistics companies – one selling wine by the keg to restaurateurs and the other providing much needed keg delivery and tracking support to Vancouver’s burgeoning craft brewery sector.

Macquisten and Thorp blazed a trail in the Canadian wine industry by modernizing storage, delivery and distribution methods for wine with the introduction of FreshTAP: Canada’s first custom wine kegging operation. FreshTAP receives bulk wine in steel drums or barrels from local wineries and then transfers the wine from pressurized tanks into 19.5-litre stainless steel kegs for distribution to local restaurants.

The bulk delivery system is more affordable – and more environmentally friendly.

“Bottles require corks, labelling and a large amount of cardboard packaging,” explains Macquisten. “They must be shipped to the manufacturer, who then packages the product and ships it to their distributor, who then delivers the cases to retailers. Once it has made it to the restaurant, an open bottle exposes leftover wine to oxidation too – which then has to be thrown out.”

Fast facts about FreshTAP’s impact on environmental sustainability:

  • Every new keg put into service is like taking an average car off the road for 2 years
  • FreshTAP’s reusable steel kegs reduce the carbon footprint of the same wine poured out of bottles over a 20-year period by 96 percent
  • Each keg will save 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over its lifetime
  • One stainless steel keg saves the CO2 equivalent to that sequestered by 28 trees

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