Why Green Tourism Certifications Matter

July 25, 2016

Many businesses make the decision to be greener – whether for the bottom line or because they want to do their part to stop climate change (or both!). At the same time, savvy consumers are on alert for “greenwashing,” or misleading statements that exaggerate green credentials. As a result, it is important for businesses of all sizes to ensure that their green claims can be supported by their actions. Third party validation is a key way to gain credibility in the marketplace, certify green claims and win the trust of loyal customers.

Green Tourism Canada is one of these validators, and has been recognized as the world’s most credible sustainability certification program for the tourism and hospitality industry. Every business that is recognized as a Green Tourism member has received an onsite assessment from a sustainability advisor that measures each business against up to 60 indicators spread over 10 categories.

Members receive a detailed report outlining opportunities to enhance their environmental performance, reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies. The Green Tourism logo can help in marketing efforts offers the ‘brand lift’ of being easily identified as a green company. Customers feel confident that the business’s claims are backed up, with the Green Tourism logo as a symbol of credibility and authenticity.

What Gets Measured Counts

Green Tourism Canada’s ‘ecobase’ sustainability dashboard is provided at no additional cost to Green Tourism members, and can be used to measure and track important indicators such as energy and fuel consumption, or carbon footprint over time. Like the Green Tourism program itself, ecobase is built to international standards. The software aids businesses to report on and reduce their carbon footprint, knowing that they are doing so using a credible methodology and platform. Visit www.ecobase.net to see how easy it is to get started.

With more than 50% of Canadian consumers saying that they are inclined to buy environmentally friendly products and services and more than 71% of travelers actively making environmentally friendly choices when travelling (Trip Advisor 2012), it is more important than ever for tourism businesses to have a green, credible story to tell.

To get a free copy of Green Tourism’s checklist visit www.greentoursimcanada.ca

The Green Tourism program and ecobase Sustainability Dashboard are offered through GreenStep Solutions.

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