Filmed in Vancouver, X-files a bonafide green production

September 16, 2016

As FOX’s iconic sci-fi series The X-Files returned to television in January 2016, the cast and creative team worked to ensure that the show remained as timely and ambitious as ever. Even as the series built on its own fictional history, it also built on its legacy behind the scenes, including its long-running commitment to environmental sustainability.

The new series filmed across 40 individual locations in British Columbia, with each requiring elaborate set construction, lengthy transportation demands, and long shooting hours calling for sustained electricity and fuel use. To mitigate these challenges, Fox brought on a dedicated green production consultant – Vancouver company Green Spark Group – to work with each department to find ways to make the production as efficient as possible.

The production diverted more than 81% of its total waste from landfill; recycled 100% of the aluminum and steel used in set construction; and replaced plastic water bottles with refillable ones, avoiding the use of 45,760 plastic bottles.



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