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December 1, 2016
Cross Sector

Since 2007, Climate Smart has helped more than 800 small and medium-sized businesses cut their emissions and associated costs through training, software, support, and certification. Distinct from a typical consultancy, the Climate Smart approach is capacity-building, meaning that businesses come away with the internal ability to analyze, measure and reduce their company’s impact: key skills in the green economy of the future.

MIT Climate CoLab

Over three years ago, Climate Smart president, Elizabeth Sheehan attended the first MIT Climate CoLab conference in hopes of getting feedback on how Climate Smart’s growing dataset on small and medium-sized business greenhouse gas emissions could help accelerate climate action within Canadian communities. Fast forward to 2016 and Elizabeth attended the same MIT conference, but this time as a winner in the Smart Zero Carbon Cities category bringing home to Vancouver the Grand Prize for Climate Smart’s new BEEP Dashboard – chosen from over 500 proposals with 71,000 public votes cast!

Business Energy and Emissions Profile

A BEEP Dashboard (abbreviation for Business Energy and Emissions Profile) is a data visualization tool that graphically depicts a city’s energy usage and carbon emissions by industry and business type. As a carbon mapping tool, the BEEP is also unique in capturing transportation and waste data, compared to other tools that only measure building energy use. Its interactive mapping interface allows community leaders to quickly identify “hotspots” and opportunities to cut greenhouse gases. This knowledge helps municipalities, relevant organizations, and support services work more effectively with the private sector to implement emission and energy-use reduction strategies.

Climate Smart put together a video for the MIT Climate CoLab explaining how a BEEP Dashboard works and why we’re seeing success with it.

Working with the Vancouver Economic Commission, Climate Smart developed a city of Vancouver-wide BEEP Dashboard. The dashboard will help fuel early analysis around the City of Vancouver’s 100% renewable energy goal and identify potential links between business operations and green infrastructure such as electric charging stations and waste hubs. District-scale BEEP data is also pivotal to city plans to transform the False Creek Flats into a green enterprise zone.

Check out and experience Vancouver’s interactive BEEP Dashboard. And contact Climate Smart to get your business started on measuring and reducing emissions, energy, and water use.

BEEP Dashboard screenshot

Screenshot of Vancouver’s interactive BEEP Dashboard, produced by Climate Smart. 

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