Penfolds Roofing & Solar leading the way

January 31, 2017


Key Solution:  fleet propane conversion

Annual Emission Reduction:  30 tCO2e

Annual Cost Savings:   $20,000

Penfolds Roofing & Solar was founded in 1937 and completes over 1,500 residential and commercial projects a year. Penfolds employs about 150 people and is headquartered in the False Creek Flats neighbourhood of Vancouver, where it operates from a company-owned industrial facility. In addition to all roofing services, Penfolds also installs solar panels on residential and commercial roofs to generate electricity on-site. With over 1,000 panels installed to date, Penfolds has extensive solar experience under its belt.

Climate Smart and the VEC in the False Creek Flats

In 2016, Penfolds took part in the False Creek Flats Leadership Group. The program, supported by the Vancouver Economic Commission and delivered by Climate Smart, works to help businesses in the False Creek Flats cut their carbon emissions and water consumption while reducing associated costs.

Penfolds initially received a scholarship from Vancity to become Climate Smart certified. When offered the opportunity, Penfolds joined the False Creek Flats Leadership Group. Shaun Mayhew, Sales Manager, says they joined Climate Smart to find similar companies to trade ideas with, and together find ways to green their operations.

Switching to Propane Cuts Carbon and Costs

Dual fueling ports are new features on most fleet vehicles at Penfolds.

At the Climate Smart training sessions, Shaun learned the story of another Climate Smart business – Van Houtte Coffee Services – which converted their fleet vehicles to a dual fuel, gasoline and propane system and realized substantial cost savings as well as emission reductions. One of Penfolds’ largest emission sources is their fleet, so Shaun decided to investigate alternative fuel opportunities further.

Fast forward to the end of 2016. Penfolds has worked with Eco-Options to convert 13 vehicles to the propane and gasoline system. Over just a few months, the conversions have saved the company more than $4,700 in fuel costs – a reduction of 28% compared to running the vehicles on gasoline alone. The savings are projected to increase as they continue to educate drivers and fuel up on propane more and more. So far, 62% of all converted fleet re-fuelings have been with propane.

When Penfold reaches their goal of converting 90% of their fleet, the company will be saving $20,000, and reducing their GHG emissions by 30 tonnes each year. Energized by their successes, Penfolds plans to re-certify with Climate Smart and continue tracking and reducing their emissions going forward.

“The great benefit to being Climate Smart certified is trading ideas with similar type companies who work on greening their operation. In trading stories we can find ways to green our own operation. This helps the organization to minimize our own greenhouse gases allowing for better employee engagement, in many cases even saving the organization money and overall shows to our customers that we care about the shared community,” said Shaun.

About Climate Smart and the False Creek Flats

Climate Smart is a social enterprise based in Vancouver, BC that enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen their business, and build a resilient economy. Climate Smart’s unique combination of training, carbon accounting software, one-on-one support and certification builds capacity within businesses to track and reduce their impact, and to communicate the leadership they’re taking on climate action.

The Vancouver Economic Commission is hosting a series of Climate Smart programs as part of its vision of the False Creek Flats as a green enterprise zone, a hub of innovation and sustainable economic growth. In 2016, seventeen businesses participated in False Creek Flats – Climate Smart programs. Climate Smart cohorts for 2017 are now forming. If you are interested in saving money, reducing emissions, and getting your business Climate Smart certified, contact today.



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