Vancouver’s restaurants and food stores investing in renewable energy

February 2, 2017

Renewable natural gas is a carbon neutral energy source made from the gas produced when organic waste from sources like landfills and agricultural manure breaks down. The gas is captured, purified, and blended into existing natural gas distribution pipelines and delivered to homes, businesses, transportation fleets, and industry. Renewable natural gas performs in exactly the same way and with exactly the same properties as non-renewable natural gas. Customers of renewable natural gas do not need to upgrade furnaces, water heaters or other equipment to use RNG.

Many Vancouver restaurants and food services are choosing to purchase renewable natural gas to decrease their environmental footprint and demonstrate their commitment to a greener future for all. As a customer, you can dine or shop at these businesses to show your support for their commitments. As a business in any sector looking to show leadership in the green economy, you can purchase renewable natural gas from Bullfrog Power or Fortis BC.

Explore this map of restaurants and food services using renewable natural gas today.

To hear more about renewable commitments in the commercial sector, tune in to a podcast on GreenBiz where they discuss the growing trend of renewable energy purchasing and investing among small and medium businesses in the US.

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