RECAP: Measure What Matters 101; February 28, 2017

March 25, 2017

Do you feel like there is a disconnect between your business and the world in which it operates? Are you a socially minded business that seeks to do more than make profits, and instead be an active stakeholder in your community, the environment, and a positive presence for your employees, clients and customers? Many businesses work far beyond the traditional mandates of business as usual, but perhaps don’t realize that they are actively working as social impact entrepreneurs.

Join the community of businesses measuring impact and working together to build a resilient and sustainable local economy. We want to hear your challenges and your successes, and we want to to support your efforts and share your stories.

A diverse group of participants joined our first Measure What Matters 101 Workshop on February 28th, ranging from businesses curious about the B Corp Certification process to those who simply wanted to connect with like-minded others within the business community.

Our Consultants

Carla Heim is the Senior Advisor of Social Entrepreneurship at BDC and has been actively involved in the B Corp community in Canada for a number of years. The workshop was also supported by Kristy O’Leary, a social impact designer who has guided numerous businesses through the B Corp certification process and helps many others create their social impact strategies.


B Corp-certified Light Trail Consulting’s Greg Tookes spoke to participants about how certifying changed his business. For him, becoming a B Corp gave him access to a community of like-minded companies, all dedicated to using business as a force for good. It has allowed him to connect with large influential companies such as Patagonia, to ask questions and seek insights. “Like-minded companies want to work with like-minded companies,” he says, and the B Corp certification communicates that distinction easily and effectively.

Some takeaways from our participants

James Hinton of Companion Whole Foods, whose company has embodied social and environmental responsibility since its inception, felt encouraged to see other businesses actively seeking out ways to collectively move forward and make their businesses better.





For Emily Schultz of We, she was interested in how entrepreneurs could design their business using the B Impact assessment tool. She also thought it was important for her work within a non-profit organization working with businesses, to see what was being used as a measurement of best practices for business owners to become authentic social entrepreneurs.




Drew Glover of BitNational, a bitcoin startup, was particularly interested in the possibilities of the certification to legitimize the relatively new industry he works within. He also saw a great opportunity in this to set a new standard and act as a leader within his industry.


Register to participate in one of our MWM101 workshops, running in March, April, May, and June HERE.

The BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada) and the VEC are hosting a series of Measure What Matters 101 workshops for businesses over the next couple of months. As the first financial institution in Canada to become a B Corporation*, BDC is now partnered with B Lab to grow the B Corp Movement in Canada. During the workshops, dedicated experts will guide participating businesses through the B Impact Assessment, a tool that helps you measure social, economic, and environmental impact.

The assessment is a great chance to complete an impact health check for your business. It may highlight issues to which you would like to contribute more time and resources, and highlight areas you’re excelling in without even realizing. These findings can then be leveraged to elevate your brand and business, and allow your company to be measured alongside other businesses. The workshop format opens discussion and collaboration on issues you have encountered but perhaps never had the opportunity to unpack.

Businesses can benefit in a variety of ways by attending this workshop,

  1. Identify a community of like-minded individuals and businesses operating in your city.
  2. Voice challenges so that the VEC and BDC may provide insight and support.
  3. Learn from the experiences of other businesses.
  4. Gain a greater understanding of how the B Impact Assessment and B Corp can benefit your business.


*B Lab, a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the standard business model to become a force for good, created the B corp certification as a way for businesses to be recognized for “overall social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.” (

Not Business As Usual” – A great short documentary about B Corporations based on Vancouver companies.

“Not Business As Usual is a provocative look at capitalism and its unintended price of success. The film tracks the changing landscape of business with the rising tide of conscious capitalism through the stories of local entrepreneurs who have found innovative ways to bring humanity back into business.”

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