About Thriving Vancouver

Thriving Vancouver is a program that helps businesses in Vancouver’s thriving green economy to CONNECT, ENGAGE and TRANSFORM.

A project of the Vancouver Economic Commission, Thriving Vancouver delivers strategic programming and works with a wide variety of local partners to support businesses every step of the way on their sustainability journey. The goal of Thriving Vancouver is to increase the number of businesses in Vancouver that are greening their operations and help them leverage opportunities for innovation and growth in the green economy.

More specifically, Thriving Vancouver can:

CONNECT you to:

  • Green business experts
  • Green suppliers and technology providers
  • Green jobs and events

ENGAGE you with:

  • Inspiration and Resources
  • Business success stories
  • A LinkedIn community

TRANSFORM your business through:

    • Innovation labs, workshops and events
    • Access to young talent and student projects
    • Tools to measure your progress

Thriving Vancouver works to help build awareness of the benefits of sustainable business, from cost savings to reduced risk and attracting great talent and new customers.

Thriving Vancouver programming includes access to the Leverage Lab – a six-month program that facilitates collaborative industry innovation, and a variety of climate action programs in partnership with Climate Smart and others. Businesses with specific challenges related to going green are invited to bring forward their challenges to Thriving Vancouver Business Challenge Workshops – where you can work with experts in technology, finance and policy to brainstorm solutions – or to work with young people through City Studio or the Materials Innovation Lab.

The website helps to enhance the reputation of Vancouver’s green leaders and recognize their leadership by sharing their business success stories. The website also offers a Green Quiz – which can quickly point you in the direction of green business tools and resources, and a green events calendar.

Thriving Vancouver’s LinkedIn group also offers a way to stay in touch with Vancouver’s green economy leaders, share your insights or questions, and search for green jobs.

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