Measure What Matters 101


As the first financial institution in Canada to become a B Corporation, BDC is now partnered with B Lab to grow the B Corp Movement in Canada. As well, the Vancouver Economic Commission is consistently committed to supporting Vancouver businesses to flourish in a sustainable, successful and socially responsible manner.

This workshop is designed to help Vancouver businesses measure their impact by performing an audit of their business practices in areas related to:

Participants will be given unlimited access to the Measure What Matters tool – a free, confidential digital platform tailored to the B Corp principals. Knowledgeable experts will be on-site to guide participants through the questionnaire. You must bring your own laptop to the session.

Whether or not you are familiar with the B Corp model, the assessment is a great chance to complete an impact health check for your business. It may bring to light matters you would like to contribute more time and resources to, or highlight areas you’re excelling in without even realizing. These findings can then be leveraged to elevate your brand and business and allow your company to be measured alongside other innovators and game-changers. The workshop can also open discussion and collaboration to issues you may have thought upon but never had the chance or time to truly unpack and dive into.

Businesses can benefit in a variety of ways by attending this workshop:

  1. Identify the community of likeminded individuals and businesses operating in your city.
  2. Voice your challenges so that the VEC and BDC may provide insight and support.
  3. Learn from the experiences of other businesses.
  4. Gain a greater understanding of the B Impact Assessment and B Corporations with the help of experts.

These workshops are a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with experts and other businesses about how your business is doing and how it can do better within a scope far broader than making profits. Workshops will be running on March 28, April 11 and 12, May 10, and June 20.

Find the recap of our last workshop here to read about our attendees’ experiences.

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